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The Heiner H. Dörner-Homepage
I am mad about "windenergy"

Three guiding principles attend my life:
Embracing knowledge is nothing but recollection.
He who is not curious will never be informed.
To foresee the future look into the past.
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And here, very new, "windcuriosities of the world"(in german).


  • 1. Curriculum vitae
  • 2. Lectures and activities at the university
  • 3. The newest publication "The Book"
  • 4. CAD-Laboratory
  • 5. DGLR - the class-organisation
  • 6. Private concerns
  • 7. Actualities

    1. Curriculum vitae

    Dipl.-Ing. Heiner Dörner
    Professional history and activities, chronological

    born 24.4.1940, married, 3 children
    Private adress: Pforzheimer Strasse 2, 74 078 Heilbronn-Kirchhausen, Tel. und Fax: 07066 5917 Official adress: Institut für Flugzeugbau, Universität Stuttgart Pfaffenwaldring 31,
    70 550 Stuttgart. Telefon: 0711 685-2404. Fax: 0711 685-2449.
    1959 School-leaving examination at the Robert-Mayer-Gymnasium in Heilbronn
    1959 Otto-Lilienthal-prize-winner of the Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft für Luftfahrt (WGLR, nowaday DGLR), Bonn
    1959/61 Mechanician apprenticeship in the company G.F.Grotz, Bissingen Enz (Heinkel-Group)
    1961 University education in aeronautics, Technical Highschool Stuttgart (Technische Hochschule Stuttgart, TH Stuttgart)
    1967 Final: Diplomingenieur for aeronautics
    1968 till to-day: Scientific co-worker at the Institute for airplane construction (Institut für Flugzeugbau, IFB), till 1980 co-worker of Professor Hütter, later of Professor Arendts

    2. Lectures and activities at the university

    1971 Assistent professor in the course of study:
    Aeronautics and Astronautics (Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik, L + R)
    responsible for the following lectures:
    1. Semester: Drafting and CAD I (tracing);
    Manufacturing technics of lightweight constructions (Materials, manufacturing procedures)
    2. Semester: Drafting and CAD II (Lofting, descriptive geometry)
    3./4.Semester: At times consultation hours for students:
    Design and construction of aviation systems I-IV
    7. Semester: Utilization of renewable energy carriers (Energybalance, saving of energy (household and automobile), heatpump, combined electricity/heating power station, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass, garbage energy, ocean energy (sea waves, thermal, marine current, tidal), glacial energy and further utopian projects.

    8. Semester: Free running turbines, windenergy (windconditions, typology of wind power plants, Hütter-theory, lay-out-example GROWIAN).
    1991 Lecturer at the "Fachhochschule für Technik Esslingen, (FHTE)".
    Students of the FHTE, semester 7 and 8, click here for the actuell information about the lecture: "Windenergy-conversion-systems".
    Previous research fields: Windenergy and Biomedicine
    (have a look to the publication list)
    Since 1971 Instructor for 2 or 3 tracers (draftsmen/girls) as skilled workers.
    Since 1971 Member of the faculty counsel, faculty Aeronautics and Astronautics
    Since 1971 Head of the stage bureau of the faculty Aeronautics and Astronautics (permanent contact to the industry as Daimler Benz, M.A.N., DASA, Airbus, DORNIER)

    The Praktikantenamt (stage bureau) is attached to the Institut für Flugzeugbau.
    The student has to fullfill a basic training called Grundpraktikum, duration 8 weeks, as far as possible before the beginning of the studies. Following the 4th semester the student has to do a 18 weeks professionel training, the so called Fachpraktikum.

    3. The newest publication "The Book"

    After a hard work of 5 years, at the end of 1995, I have finished finally the book about my old university-teacher professor Dr. Ulrich Hütter. Title of the book: "Three worlds - one life. Professor Dr. Ulrich Hütter. University-teacher, constructor, artist".

    Who is interested in? You can order this technic-historical book about:
    "Soaringflight - Windenergy - Glassfibers", with more than 300, partly coloured, pictures, drawings and diagrams, via fax, directly from the institute
    ( Germany (0)711 685-2449).
    The price is DM 39.80 plus DM 3.20 for packing, not included postage fees.

    4. CAD-Laboratory

    I am responsible for the CAD-Laboratory, with 10 workstations DEC-5000.
    We use the not well known sofware CADRA. This is a 2-D-software. We offer our students voluntary short-courses at the screen, 3 sessions in one week, each session roughly 3 hours.

    5. D G L R - the class-organisation

    Since 1959 I am member of our class-organisation, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DGLR). In this organisation I am a little bit engaged. 1996 I was elected as chairman of the committee S 7.1 "Geschichte der Luftfahrt", , this means "Aviation History". My representative is Dr. Joachim Grenzdörfer, Berlin.
    All students should be member of the DGLR.
    Who is interested? Click already here.

    6. Private concerns

    Since 1971 I am non-party town councillor of the "Freie Wähler Vereinigung" (FWV). The FWV is a non-party union. My hometown Heilbronn (120 000 inhabitants) has 40 councillors in the city council . (FWV)
    Since 1981 I am representative president of the FWV-organisation in the state of Baden-Württemberg e.V., Stuttgart,
    Four legislative periods member of the "Landesschulbeirates" (board of education) of the state of Baden-Württemberg
    Jogging, also Marathon

    I keep my home-page allways topical.
    Status actually, january 2001

    7. Actualities/
    Latest news/
    informations about lectures/ papers of study and diploma-thesises

    If You want these informations, please click


    or above.

    At the end, here an old swabian maxim, also mine (spoken in Swabian):
    En trockena, herzhafta Riasling zom Spargl odr Fisch,
    en leichta, bodaständiga Trollinger zom Veschpern odr oifach dazwischanei
    ond en donkla, kräftiga Lemberger zom siniera, meh brauchts net.

    (some words in explanation: trockena=dry, herzhafta=substantial, Riasling=kind of white wine, Spargl=asparagus, bodastädiga=indigenous, native, Trollinger=kind of red wine, Veschpern=to have a light meal, oifach=simply, dazwischenei=at times, donkla=dark, kräfiga=strong, Lemberger=kind of wine (deep red), zom siniera= for meditation, meh brauchts net=nothing else is needed. Since 24th of mars 1997