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The patent of "monsieur" Darrieus

The frenchman Darrieus filed in 1931 a patent application for his famous system,

a vertical axis windmachine

Well known plants

This is the former test plant of the german aircraft company DORNIER, Friedrichshafen.
The site is the "Höchsten", a small hill on the northern shore of the Lake Constance.
Diameter 12meter, threebladed, 30 kW output, variable rpm

Test plant, company DORNIER, site is nearby the airport Comodoro Rivadavia,

South Argentina, 1980.

Diameter 12 meter, height 17 meter, rotor area effective 93 squaremeter.
3-bladed with NACA airfoilsection (symmetric), chordline 320 mm, material aluminum made by extrusion, with 10 kg mass per meter.
Rotating tower with 608 mm diameter, aluminum.
Two 3-bladed Savonius-rotors, acting as starting devices, diameter 3,75 meter, height 1,55 meter.
Rated output 20 kW at 10,4 m/s windspeed, maximal output 27 kW,
Starting at 4 m/s wind, shut off at 22 m/s wind, survival windspeed 65 m/s,
rated rpm 80, maximal rpm 150.
Spur gear and miter gear, gear ratio total 20:1.

Canadian 4-MW-Darrieus-Windturbine.

Technical data: rated output 4 MW, diameter 64 meter, height 96 meter, rotor area effective 4000 squaremeter, number of rotorblades 2, chordline depth 2,4 meter, diameter of tower 5 meter.
Number of anchoring ropes 6, rope diameter 72 mm, designed lifetime 30 years.

Location: nearby the community Cap Chat, southern bank of the St.-Laurent river, around 700 km northeast of Montreal.
Mean annual windvelocity at site: 9,2 m/s.
Starting at 4,5 m/s wind, shut off at 22,5 m/s, survival windspeed 62 m/s.

Suisse Darrieus-plant nearby Martigny, 1987,

Autoroute du sol, southern direction.
Erected by the organisation: Centre de recherche et d'enseignement en energie et techniques municipales (CREM)
Diameter 19 meter, height 28 meter, total mass 8 tons,
rpm 33 and 50 .
Asynchronous generator with 110 kW and 160 kW output at 1000 respectively 1500 rpm.
The plant runs together, in a compound arrangement, with a biogas motor, elektric output 115 kW at 1 500 rpm. Output of the biogas motor at shaft 130 kW, thermal output 258 kW.

Wind utilization by "new-fangled saurians"

The H-Darrieus-plant

This "Heidelberg-Rotor HM 20/30", with 20 kW rated power, was erected in the hilly region of the "Schlierseer Berge" nearby the "Rotwandhaus", a refuge in the german state Bavaria.

The"Megawatt-Heidelberg-Rotor", erected at the wind test field "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog", North Sea coastline, nearby the community Marne. (the old GROWIAN-position), 1994
Status at the beginning of 1997: the 5 giants are dismantled to make place for modern big horizontal axis converters.

A new saurian?

Nevertheless some people believe further in such systems.
See: http://www.sustainableenergy.com/renewable/wind.html
This company develops the huge "Chinook 2000". The output will become proudly 250 kW.

Has somebody thought for example to the windconditions behind a 'tight' lattice strut? And whats about the 'optical pollution' of the landscape. In Germany an immense problem.

A small rotor

This plant will be on the market soon.

Darrieus, System Krebs Darrieus, System Krebs Darrieus, System Krebs Darrieus, System Krebs
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