Title page of the handouts of my lecture

Since 1980 til 2004, I presented to the students the lecture "Free running turbines, windenergy",
for free to choose, during the 8. semester, within the plan of study.
Attending the lecture there exists a 30-page script.
At the end of the lecture, the student is able to carry out the aerodynamic layout of a windenergy converter rotorblade, for a special site, i.e. depending on the windconditions at the erection site.
Exam is an one hour written examination paper.


The wind
The worldwide potential.
Origin, cause and formation of the wind.
Equations of motion for airparticles.
Special airflows, i.e. antitriptic winds (mountain-valley-winds, land-sea-winds).
Windvelocity and height above ground.
Windmeasurement, relative and cumulative frequencies.
Mathematical approach of the frequency curves. (Weibull and Rayleigh).
Selection of sites. Natural and artificial obstacles.

Windenergy converter typology.
Horizontal and vertical axis. (here).
Lift and drag forces.
Slow running and high speed running machines.
Concentrating systems (here).
Special systems.
Theory of the free running turbine.
Stream-tube-theory according to Betz, without twist and friction.
Theory according to Hütter, solely with twist.
Theory according to Hütter, not only with twist but also with friction.
Aerodynamics of airfoilsections, airfoil systematology (Lilienthal, Kutta-Joukovsky, Göttingen, NACA-airfoils, Wortmann and Eppler-airfoils).

Systematical advance by bounds (kind of cooking recipe) for the aerodynamic layout of rotorblades for windenergy converters.
Re-Calculation of the former windenergy converter GROWIAN, application of the Hütter-Theory.
Windenergy converters (WECS)
Windfarms and Windparks, worldwide. Energy-output-measurements.
Short theory concerning the Darrieus-Rotor.

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